National Recognition For The Trust

This period was one of reward and recognition for the Trust along with the launch of programmes which have developed and are still part of our delivery programme today.  It was also in this period that the very person who 30 years earlier had created the vision for the Trust, became its Patron. The late and very much missed, Graham Taylor OBE.

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Trivia Time

Following the launch of the Kickz programme in 2007 in Harrow, the local community saw a drop in anti-social behaviour of xx%. Was it by

  • 37%
  • 32%
  • 27%

Highlights Of The Era

The Trust is awarded the prestigious “Community Club of the Year” in both 2008 and 2010 and is runner up in 2009.

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The Trust and indeed the club, has received a great deal of recognition for the pioneering approach it developed in the Community.  The early years, prior to the formation of the Football in the Community scheme in 1992, are now recognised as visionary in terms of the creation of the Family Terrace and the Learning Centre.  Recognition soon followed in the form of national awards and listed below is a roll call of the major community honours awarded to the Trust/Club from 1984 onwards.

Year Award
1984 The inaugural Canon Annual Family Award
1985 The Radio Times/Canon Annual Family Award
1989 Second division Football Trust Community Award
2002 Quality in Study Support Award for Learning Centre
2005 “Established” status award for Learning Centre
2006 Best Community Sports project – Sportsmatch Annual Award
Best Overall Grassroots Scheme – Sportsmatch Annual Award
2008 Community Club of the Year
2010 Football League Community Club of the Year
2012 FA Womens Coach of the Year – awarded to John Saloman
The High Sherriff of Hertfordshire Award
2016 London Youth Gold Award for Cedars Youth & Community Centre
2017 Bronze Award for Best Football in the Community Scheme

Our partnership with North Herts College is launched in 2011.

Kickz programme is launched at the Cedars Youth Centre in Harrow in conjunction with local police to use football as a way of creating a safer community environment. It led to a 25% reduction in anti-social behaviour within the first year of its launch.

The “Extra Time” social inclusion club is launched for the over 55’s. This is now running 3 times per week at Vicarage Road stadium, Meriden Community Centre and Cedars Youth & Community Centre.

The Trust is awarded a £4.2M My Place grant to completely redevelop the Cedars Youth & Community Centre in Harrow.

83,000 students have now passed through the Learning Centre since it was first opened 11 years ago in 2000.

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It was absolutely fantastic to pick up the award. There is an ethos that runs through our club, a culture that really engages with our local community

Mark AshtonFormer Watford FC Chief Executive

Share Your Memories

Do you have any memories of the early days of the Kickz programme.  Have you met any first team Watford FC players at a session?
Have you attended one of Kingy’s courses at North Herts College and how has it helped you in your career?
Has the Extra Time club helped you to meet new people and make new friends?

If so, please share them and we will post the best ones on this site.

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